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Activities in Madrid
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We strive to give our students the optimal balance between a good learning experience and some good fun abroad. Our school has a varied programme of activities which we offer besides the course programme. This way you have the possibility to come into contact with other students and enjoy Spanish culture. Some of the activities during the week are offered for free, others require a small contribution from the attending students. Weekend activities are usually a bit more expensive. These are some examples:

During the week:

Guided city tour

Get to know the real Madrid together with your class mates. Our experience guide will take you to all the best places.

Culture in Madrid

Madrid is considered one of the top European destinations concerning art museums. We invite you..

Visit the Real Madrid museum

Among all the team's cups you will also find the individual trophies donated by some players.

During the weekend:

Weekend to Segovia

Segovia is an excellent city to visit, with two of Spain's most famous sights - the Aqueduct and its fairytale Alcázar.

Hiking around Madrid

There are plenty of paths open to hikers in the mountains surrounding Madrid. Let us guide you..

Visit Toledo

Weekend excursion to Toledo, let us show you around this beautiful town and enjoy the views!

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